Mosquitoes are common household and outdoor insects that belong in the Culcidae family. There are over 3,500 species of mosquitoes identified today and some of which breeds in Alabama. Species like the Culex erraticus, Uranotaenia sapphirina, Coquillettidia perturbans, and Aedes vexans are just some known to thrive in different regions of Alabama. These flying insects are also one of the most common vectors for various viruses as well as pathogens which affect both animals and humans.

When mosquitoes invade inside the house, controlling their population will require a lot of patience and persistence. Uncontrolled population can easily threaten the health of pets and family members as they carry different kinds of fatal disease causing viruses. Since it will be a huge challenge to completely eliminate mosquitoes, controlling and limiting their population at a very low through various effective means can drastically lower the risk for acquiring the diseases they carry. Note down that the drier the place is, the less likely that mosquitoes can breed and multiply.

Mosquitoes generally breed in stagnant or standing water. To prevent breeding, it would be best to always empty all containers that hold water inside it. Empty cans and old tires should be recycled making sure that water does not collect when it rains. Bird baths should be cleaned as often several times a week to avoid mosquito larvae from developing into adult. During heavy mosquito problems, bird baths, water bowls, and the likes should remain dry until situation is under control.

Sometimes, breeding grounds for mosquitoes may not be easily visible. Hence, unlikely places where water can collect should also be checked just to make really sure. Fallen leaves should be raked out and should be dried. Holes around the house as well as surrounding trees should be patched to prevent water from collecting. Empty pots should be turned upside down and drainage holes should be cleaned as well.All bushes especially thick ones should be trimmed regularly making sure that air can pass through and that ground underneath them are kept dry.

When spraying insecticides and larvicides, be sure to always read the indications and precautions provided by the manufacturer with regards to their use. If all efforts to control the problem fail, it would be best to call a local pest control company that has the experience and equipments for mosquito control birmingham to eradicate both larvae and adult mosquitoes in and outside the home.