Choosing A Comfy Personal Shelter For Your PoochAs much as you value your own privacy inside your room, your dog could use a space of his own with the right dog house. So if you are considering providing your pet with a home of his own, you should also take a closer look into several aspects such as the materials, safety, maintenance, and durability of the structure itself. That way, your dog can sleep and rest better whenever he feels tired or sleepy after a long day of playful activities.

When choosing a house for your pooch, always start looking for the units made from the best materials. Dog houses can range from metal, wood, plastic, to combinations of materials. Know that each of these materials have their own set of downsides and upsides. For example, houses made from plastic are easier to transport from one spot to another and are very easy to clean. On top of that, they are less prone for parasite and flea infestation. However, plastic houses can be easily destroyed by dogs that love to chew on things and can even pose serious choking hazards when swallowed.

If you want your dog to have a beautiful home, wood houses are the best and most ideal choice. Wood houses are usually customizable and you can very well design one especially for your pooch. Wooden houses made of high grade timber provide better natural insulation than other materials. So whether its summer or winter, you pooch can sleep and rest better all day and all night. However, the thing with wooden houses is that they are heavier than plastic units and they can be havens for pests and parasites like fleas hence they should be treated properly before use. On top of that, wooden houses are not ideal to use for areas where moisture is constantly present as it will lead the structure to rot and mold. As for metal houses, they are usually in the form of boxes and they can get really pricey. Metal houses are very durable and long lasting but they need to be very well insulated in order to keep pets warm and cozy during the winter and fresh and cool during summer.

As for the size of the dog house, your pooch would be more comfy resting inside a reasonable space where he can stand, turn, and stretch his legs without difficulty. By nature, dogs prefer getting comfy in a tighter space rather than in a wide space.

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